Top 10 Travel Tips For Pregnant Women

Are you pregnant and thinking of traveling?

While traveling is a pleasurable hobby for most people, it can be frustrating if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy comes with its own challenges and a whole set of do and don’t and today we are going to explore how you can still have a wonderful time travelling while you are pregnant.

Although it is understandable because of the rigors of pregnancy, sometimes, the journey is necessary. So the purpose of this is to provide an opportunity for pregnant women and give tips to make the experience easier and safer.

Make sure you are certified to travel

I am sure the first tip you were expecting was for me to tell you what to pack. But we can wait for that later on in the article. The first tip you should know if you plan on traveling while pregnant is that you must be certified by your Gynecologist. So pay your ob a visit and let him check you to be sure you are certify to travel.

Always travel in your second trimester

The first and third trimester of every pregnancy is usually the most delicate. So it is always advisable that you plan your trip for when you are in your second trimester. Of course, due to certain reasons and only based on professional advice, must you travel in the other trimesters but if you traveling for fun, make sure you travel in your second trimester as this is the safest and has the lowest risk of complications.

Go with your prenatal papers

Similarly, it is expected that your doctor gives you medical papers in case of emergency when you get there. The papers would give the doctors there information about your case without further delay peradventure you need urgent care. So, that is another reason why you need to involve your doctor so that you can get those papers and of course, you would need to go with any other papers you have had with you before that.

Work with a Budget

Ever heard of cut your coat according to your cloth? This is where it is applicable. Many people make the mistake of not working with what they can afford. In the first place, if you cannot afford it, it is not a necessity to travel but if you can, it is also vital to work with your budget. There is no point overshooting or trying to go beyond what you have and ending up making a mess of everything. The airline you plan to follow, the country and city you are planning to visit, your accommodation should be chosen according to what you can afford. It is not a wise risk travelling to another country and working with money you do not have.

Have enough Money at hand

Yes, this is necessary. You would be going on an international trip away from most likely close family and friends who you can call if you find yourself stranded. There is little as being stranded in a foreign country with no cash at hand. Make sure you have a plan on how to have enough money at hand, whether cash or using your cards. But also, peradventure you want to transact cashless, make sure you know beforehand the cashless spending policy of your country and the country you are planning to visit. Imagine if you indeed have money in your bank account but cannot assess because of restricting policies that you were unaware of. Whatever the case, make sure you would not be found without money at hand.

Prepare, prepare, prepare

The importance of preparation cannot be over-emphasized. Little wonder one of the familiar saying of boys scout is being prepared. You cannot afford to allow any situation knock you off or catch you unprepared and this statement is literal. Remember you are pregnant and we cannot belabor how critical a situation it is. So make sure you have planned the location, accommodation, the journey there itself, the delivery kit, closeness to the nearest hospital or health center, your medical papers, money, the most convenient and level-headed person to travel with and much more. The bottom line is to cover all bases, let surprises be minimal.

The destination is important

The destination in this case has to do with where you are going to and how you would get there. There are many situations where you would not be able to go to certain places because of whatever circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. For instance, if your pregnancy makes you seasick, you should not be planning to go to an island where you can only asses through water. Also as mentioned earlier, you might want to check how close to any health care center that place is, you might want to avoid forests or camping as well. The stress that comes with those kind of places is not good for you so you should be that into consideration when planning the location for your journey.

Pack sensibly

Now, this is a tip that people take for granted. You have to also have in place what you will travel with. It is not overdoing things if you started buying things that need to be bought, and getting things that need to be gotten months before the travel so you would not pack in the hurry and as much as we might hate to hear it, forget it. It is a confirmed rule; when you pack in a hurry, you are bound to forget some things. Pack all the essentials first and then luxuries. Examples are your toiletries, medical papers, delivery kit, drugs, food, and other essentials depending on where and how you would travel, for instance you would need clothes to keep warm if you are travelling to places with low climate.


I do not believe I need to go on about how you need to prepare what you are going to eat or at least how you would feed. It is common knowledge that a pregnant woman’s knowledge that a pregnant woman’s diet is very different from that of others and that their diet need to be chosen carefully. We have all seen cases of how deficiency of certain nutrients in the body have affected the development of the foetus, so it is certain that yo do not want to be in such a situation. And that is why whether at home or abroad, you should make sure you plan your diet.

Stay hydrated and have healthy snacks at hand

Related to the tip above, you are feeding for two so definitely, your intake would likely double more than when you were without pregnancy. In your hand luggage, different from the food you have packed for when you get there, you should have at hand water and snacks so as not to stay hungry. You might be able to endure for a short journey but a long journey is another matter entirely. Water and after-meal snacks are essentials when a woman is pregnant, but make sure the snacks are healthy so you do not add unhealthy weight during pregnancy. The point is to have it at hand to make the journey comfortable. Thirst and hunger are not good feelings when one is pregnant.

Traveling while pregnant is not forbidden. You only need to know the do and don’t and then you can travel safe.

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