Top 5 Wonderful Home Remedies for Wheezing

This is the time of seasonal change, so many people are prone to catch the respiratory illness and suffer from its uncomfortable symptoms. As your breathing passages are infected and obstructed, it is really difficult for you to exhale or inhale. For this reason, the wheezing problem will arise while you breathe.  

What is Wheezing?

Wheezing is the sound with high-pitched level while you are faced with some kinds of lung diseases. This problem happens because your airway passages is irritated and inflammatory, hence it becomes swollen and narrowed. As a result, it seems very hard for you to breathe, otherwise you may feel the strain condition deeply in the chest. In some cases, wheezing perhaps goes along with coughing that apparently prevents you from having a good night’s sleep. Therefore, you totally feel exhausted and tired in the next day, it will slow down the healing process as well as lengthen the period of sickness.  

What Causes Wheezing?

The main cause of wheezing is known as asthma that is a long term disease of your respiratory tract. On one hand, it can be the symptom of some short term illnesses or health issues such as:

  • Pneumonia

  • Bronchitis

  • Inhale an abnormal object

  • Smoking or reaction to second-hand smoke

  • Common respiratory infection

On the other hand, wheezing may indicate a few acute diseases including:

  • Emphysema

  • Dysfunction of vocal cord

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  • Lung cancer

It is noted that wheezing can occur to anybody, especially people with smoking, allergy or cancer.

What are the Symptoms of Wheezing?

As mentioned above, the difficulty of breathing is the popular symptom of wheezing. When it comes to wheezing, your airway passages are smaller in size than normal that makes you are deficient in oxygen supply for your body. Hence, you may feel tired and giddy, in addition you cannot focus on doing anything. With the mild case, the abnormal whistle sound is specific while you breathe out. But with the severe case, this sound will also occur while you breathe in.

Top Natural Home Remedies for Wheezing

As you should know, the wheezing can become worse without any treatment. Undeniably, you had better deal with wheezing from the beginning in order to get rid of it as soon as possible. Therefore, you don’t have to see a doctor, you only need to follow some useful tips which cost little money. Here are the top wonderful home remedies for wheezing that are really simple and easy for you to try right at home.

1. Orange Juice

The simplest home remedy for wheezing that you should apply is a glass of orange juice. In fact, daily orange juice intake will provide you a lot of vitamins and minerals which meet the dietary recommended nutrient. With the great source of vitamin C, orange juice promotes your immune system and helps it fight against the inflammation in your respiration. Besides, orange juice reduces the amount of mucus and clears the obstruction in your airways.

How to apply

  • Consume 2 tablespoons of squeezed orange for a couple of times in the morning.

  • Another option is to make a cup of orange juice with no sugar, drink it daily basis to deal with wheezing.

Along with orange juice, you also can use lemon juice, papaya or lime to strengthen the overall health. Additionally, orange has amazing effect on curing other health problems in your life such as Home Remedy for Black Eye.

2. Garlic

Garlic is widely considered as an ideal spice of different cuisines all over the world as well as a wonderful home remedy for wheezing. Thanks to the antioxidant and anti-bacterial substances found in garlic, it has ability to soothe the infection and combat bacteria in your respiratory system. Thus, the bad symptoms of wheezing will be reduced and disappeared gradually.

How to apply

  • Add more garlic into your daily meal to get rid of wheezing.

  • Alternatively, grind several cloves of garlic and mix its juice with a cup of water or milk. Then heat it up and leave it to be cool down, drink the mixture after 10 minutes.

  • Repeat this solution twice a day until there is improvement.

3. Honey

Honey is really good for your health, it is popular with many people for natural healing ability. With the anti-inflammatory property, honey aids you in easing the infection and swelling. Moreover, it will boost the immunity and treat the wheezing as well as coughing symptoms. If you notice, honey is able to stimulate the healing process.

How to apply

  • Consume a tablespoon of honey.

  • If you want, you can combine this remedy with some ginger or garlic juice to get the better result.

  • Keeping doing this tip 2 – 3 times a day.

4. Yogurt

Another effective home remedy for wheezing is yogurt. Yogurt is the favorite food of many people, especially children, so this is a simple solution for your child if he or she may catch wheezing. Obviously, it provides you a great deal of good bacteria as well as decreases the bad bacteria in your body. Furthermore, yogurt has amazing benefit to respiratory system. Therefore, you had better eat yogurt daily basis to get away from wheezing fast.

5. Eucalyptus Oil

The outstanding tip on the list of home remedies for wheezing is eucalyptus oil. In fact, eucalyptus oil can clear the airway passages and ease the inflammation as well. This oil is rich in anti-bacterial and antioxidant substances that won’t let you down on fighting against symptoms of wheezing.

How to apply

  • Pour several drops of eucalyptus oil into a towel or spray some of it directly on your pillow, put them next to you before going to bed.

  • Another way is to pour a little eucalyptus oil into a clean and warm towel, then place it on your chest about 15 minutes. Repeat this remedy 2 – 3 times per day.

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