How do you measure weight faster? Why doesn’t my waist show the difference I see in the meter? I lost 5 kgs yet the clothes don’t feel the difference why? Are you too nagging with the same kind of questions and not getting answers? Well, it may happen sometimes that despite putting in a lot of efforts our body might not show the difference in the mirror as

Weight gain is a major problem that is afflicting the world in recent times. People are busy in their hectic schedule and they rarely find the time to exercise or follow a diet plan that would help them to get back in shape. On top of that, most people follow an unhealthy lifestyle which is really not suitable for their health. Smoking, drinking and substance abuse are some of the

Beauty might be in the eyes of the beholder but it is still true that people like us feel an incessant need to achieve that perfect figure which would leave everyone awestruck as soon as we enter a room, not only for the consideration of our vanities and fitness goals but often due to health related purposes too. So we ask ourselves why should we go to a gym and

To see yourself losing weight in absolutely no time you have to know the best weight loss plan. Cutting down on food and vigorous working out won’t help if you lack the right kind of diet and routine to burn the fat faster. Using weight loss supplements is a popular trend nowadays and while most of these are artificial substances and may not live up to the claim of

It’s always good to feel fit! They say when the body is fit it reflects synergies to empower everyone and when you have a fit body nothing can get better of you. With kind of trends world is getting obsessed for, fitness is a mantra everyone has been putting at top notch. More and more people are getting aware of the benefits of staying healthy, adopting a healthier diet,

Problems relating to obesity and overweight have become so rampant that it calls for a new improved weight loss solution. Not to mention there are overcrowding gym and aerobics centers almost at every corner of the street! But to be practical, it is not always possible for daily workers and office goers to visit the gym on a daily basis and follow a strict diet. That brings us to the

People with bulky bodies have just one dream in mind to fulfill and that is to lose weight. While weight loss is never an easy task and involves the right to be followed and regular exercises to be done. Even then there are many people who complain that they do not find any difference. The reason may be that their diet chart and exercise plan may be incorrect for their