Proven Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

In a never-ending fight to find the secret to eternal youth, billions of dollars are spent in the highly-lucrative anti-aging market every year. We are so afraid of looking old, that we’re very willing to shell out any amount of money, as long as it promises quick results. Wrinkles are a completely natural part of the aging process, yet it seems almost like a constant reminder of the passage of time, something we’d prefer not to be reminded of each time we look in the mirror. Are you fighting to find a way to retain your youthfulness? You’re hardly alone. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective methods to reduce wrinkles and help our skin stay soft and fresh.


Use sunscreen. Use it every single day, no matter how cloudy it is, no matter the time of the year. UV rays are to blame for about 80% of skin aging, and those wrinkles and craggy lines will only deepen if you are constantly exposed to the sun without any protection. In Australia, the driest continent on earth, sun protection is taught even in preschool, and even though these beautiful, tan people look so careless, they’re very much responsible when it comes to protecting their skin. Take their example, and slather on that SPF. Remember to wear sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats as well, especially if you want to avoid those fine lines around your eyes and mouth.

Cut down bad habits

Smoking is the biggest culprit for premature aging, and even if you aren’t worried about other terrible things it does to your health, consider how quickly your skin degrades from this awful habit. Lack of sleep, drinking, and stress also bring out more wrinkles, so find a way to change your lifestyle and live healthy.

Proper skincare

Wash your skin twice a day, use a refreshing toner, and apply a good moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. It’s important to be consistent, and to never let yourself go to bed with makeup on. Weekly scrubs and face masks will also help keep your skin feel velvety, so just take time during the day to afford yourself some care and nurture.

Dermatological treatments

An occasional visit to a good skin clinic is something every person should treat themselves with. To turn to our Aussie sisters again, there’s an increasing popularity of dermatological treatments in the Land Down Under, and women love the fact that they can relax and let professional cosmeticians take care of them. For a smooth, lush complexion, procedures like skin needling in Sydney seem to be the most popular ones, and you can also look into chemical peels and microdermabrasion. This is a good way to remove dead skin layers and reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and sunspots.


While you can find retinol in a lot of moisturizers, it’s not a bad idea to talk to a dermatologist and have them prescribe you a retinol cream. You’ll get a more concentrated solution, and it’s one of the most effective ways to address wrinkles.

Vitamin C serums

Despite the fact that this is yet another step to add to your skincare routine, it can make a lot of difference. Serums are used after cleansing and before moisturizing, and they’re a good way to deliver active ingredients deep into the layers of your skin. Vitamin C is known to prevent oxidative damage and fight free radicals, and it also prevents the degradation of collagen and keeps your skin firm, elastic and soft.

Superfoods for super skin

What you eat influences more than your weight. Good food can improve the quality of your skin, so try some of the popular superfoods to fight aging from the inside. Quinoa, chia seeds, kale, blueberries, salmon, broccoli, garlic are just some of the things that you can eat, and you could also introduce the habit of drinking green tea every day.

Remember to try and reduce the amount of stress you face every day. Meditate, eat well, use the right products, and your skin can keep looking young and beautiful.

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