The 10 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods on the Planet

Losing weight is perhaps one of those wishes that everyone has at one stage of the life or another. Some people try to lose weight in their early age to stay clear of obesity at a later stage of life while some try hard when they have enjoyed everything and just want to maintain themselves. Losing weight is an activity which is not dependent on only one factor. Two or three factors combine and lead t weight loss and exercise alone cannot do as much as it can with a proper diet plan. Food has an enormous influence on the human body. It influences the mind and also the appearance of a person. After all, you are what you eat. So what does that mean here? It clearly means that food in influential on all what you do and even if you decide to lose weight, it is only going to help you if you take the right kind of food.


If you see a diet plan of someone who wants to lose weight, you will find that a proper routine with proper intake of required calories and nutrients will help you lose weight without losing strength. This is because even though you lose fat, you gain energy and also add to the strength of your muscles.

So the first of the best foods that will help you with losing weight is a whole egg.

Whole Egg

They have the ability to fill your stomach with little calories and will provide you with healthy fats and proteins for your strength. Eggs help people to eat less because it makes them feel full, thus leading to lesser eating without losing too much energy. You can also get good understanding about What is the Prime Importance of Whole Eggs to Reduce Belly fat. A must read thing to shape up your exploding belly, what say?


Fish, the purest white meat is the best source of protein. It has the ability to help you go on without eating for quite some time and will help you stay active during those hours. Do you have this question in your mind "Is Fish REALLY good for Weight Loss" In that case you should visit the mentioned link!


Iodine is important for the metabolism to run smoothly in the body and in turn helps the body to not gather extra fats. It can also help in reducing obesity and sometimes, lack of iodine leads to extra fat and obesity. Ask yourself Are you aware of the Significance of Iodine for Weight Loss Do read in detail!


Vegetables are good at providing fibers and fibers are important for the process of digestion. They provide the right energy and the right combo of nutrients which definitely help with weight loss.It is also important to consume vegetables that can kill stomach fat. Answer us something, Do you know the best vegetables for weight loss? A must read to know them in detail!


Beef, contrary to the belief of many, has the ability to help with weight loss by providing proteins. It also controls your cravings with low amounts of calories.

Boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes can provide you different types of nutrients such as potassium and makes you feel full, making you eat less and consume lesser calories in turn. Explore how exactly you Can You Eat Boiled Potatoes for Weight Loss? Mentioned link is worth visiting!

Beans and dry nuts

Beans and dry nuts are also famous for proteins and not so much for gaining weight and fats. They give you the power and energy to go on without gaining weight. Nuts additionally provide you with fiber and maintain the metabolic health. A complete understanding about the benefits of Dry Nuts and Beans can be obtained simply by reading a detailed post at How about consuming Dry Nuts and Beans for Weight Loss

Chili pepper

Chili pepper reduce the craving to eat more and has the ability to burn the fat in the body. It is one of the most common ingredients of commercial weight loss medicines and supplements. How does Chilly pepper work to burn EXTRA FAT from your Body?


Fruit also gives you fiber to digest food and control sugar release in blood. It also give the energy to people to work and will go perfectly with low calorie diet of proteins. tell me something, do you know which fruits you must eat for weight loss? If not, do not worry! We shall let you know that as well!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil provides the human body with the boost that it needs to burn fats. But it does contain calories so it is best if coconut oil replaces other oils in your diet such as cooking oil. How coconut oil can help you Lose Weight, do you know about this in detail? No, is that so?, No worries, we shall help you with the same!

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