Questions to Ask While Choosing a Gel Cushion Seat for Wheelchair

Gel seat cushion for wheelchairs are widely considered as the best choice for people who use it often. Sitting on a wheelchair for long hours will prove to be extremely uncomfortable and tedious if the right cushion seat is not used. If the seat is lumpy and does not conform to the body of the user properly, it can lead to sores, back ache, and damage to the spine. Gel seats cushion for wheelchairs, on the other hand, have gel fluids packed in packets which are attached to a comfy foam base. These are perfect for any user as the gel quickly confirms to every individual’s body pressure. However, like all other things, all gel cushions are not the same. There are several different brands, varieties and types to choose from. In order to make sure that you consider the most important things while buying a gel seat, the following guide has been compiled. Here are a few important questions that you must ask:

How Much Does It Cost?

Price is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a cushion for many people. If you do a quick search of the best gel seat cushions in the market, you will find that there are several products available in those ranges. While the high-quality ones generally have bio-engineered gel and highly comfortable design, it is not always wise to go by the price. You must also pay attention to unique features and design details apart from the price.

Is It Lightweight?

As you are going to use the wheelchair outdoors, portability becomes an important factor when choosing the right gel cushion. This is especially important if you are planning to move a lot like home to the car, to the office etc. There are some cushions in the market with special attention to portable design. Additionally, if you want to use the cushion primarily for long-distance travel, it is crucial that a light-weight and portable design is chosen.

What is the Type of Gel Used?

Contrary to popular belief, all gel seat cushions for wheelchairs do not use the same kind of gel. There are various kinds of gel that can be used by different brands for products with unique specifications. If you are looking for an all-round best choice, an ultra-soft visco-elastic gel is considered to be highly desirable. This is popular for its amazing properties of conforming to any body type and reduces the pressure on the spine. While this is a non-liquid gel variety, semi-liquid and water-based gels are also used in gel cushions. However, these are not as popular.

What Are the Dimensions and Size?

This is one of the most underrated factors that is essential when choosing the right gel seat cushions for wheelchairs. It is the size which determines the ideal distribution of pressure by the user. Generally, bigger is the contact area of the cushion, the better is the pressure distribution be, thus resulting in higher comfort.

Is It Comfortable?

While it is important to consider the technical features of the gel seat cushion for wheelchairs before choosing one, it is of utmost importance that the resulting choice provides immense comfort to the user. The thickness, size, stability, and body-conforming features must result in an extremely comfortable design.

Once the above-mentioned points are considered, you will find that it’s easier to pinpoint that particular item which suits your needs perfectly. In order to ensure the durability and long life of gel cushions it is important to take good care of it. Following a simple cleaning and maintenance routine will make sure that your gel seat cushions for wheelchairs gives you the same comfort for years.

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