How Organic Lifestyle Will Improve Your Health and Life in General

For some organic lifestyle is nothing but a passing trend, however, what it is actually is going back to our roots. In the beginning, we grew and ate food uncontaminated by chemicals. The clothes our ancestors wore, the products they used all came from plants and animals that had no contact with any types of harmful substances.

With the advances in industry and agriculture, the need for increased production replaced the need for organic. So the scientist focused on creating protection for crops in order to grow more, both plant and animal breeding started taking center stage, and our soil slowly started to fill up with different toxins.

The residues of the infamous DDT pesticide are still found in the soil all around the world. The same way they accumulate in the soil, the toxins from different chemicals used in agriculture also accumulate in our body, and can have negative effects on our health. This is why organic is making such a big comeback in all areas of our life.

Benefits of organic food

To be honest, there will be no benefits for your wallet, but we cannot and should not put a price on health. Organic food is produced on chemical-free soil, which is regularly tested and all producers need to have the right certificates. During the fruit and vegetable production process no harmful chemicals are used, even the seeds used for planting are untreated. Your body will have a positive effect when you switch to this type of products. The detoxification of your body can increase your energy levels, improve metabolism and even speed up your weight loss process.  

When it comes to animals, they are feed with hormone-free animal feed, allowed to roam the pastures, and kept far away from cages of any kind. The meat and other products from organically kept and fed animals is healthy, chemical and hormone-free and provides your body with the highest quality nutrients it needs to function properly. The hormones from non-organic meat and other animal products are known to disrupt our own hormone balance which can lead to fertility problems and numerous other disorders.

Opt for organic beauty

The same way harmful chemicals can access your body through the food you eat, they can do it through the creams and other products you expose your skin to. So opting for organic products is the healthiest way to protect your body from toxin accumulation. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to expose your body to such dangerous products, you shouldn't want other creatures to be exposed to them the either. You can prevent this by opting for cruelty-free beauty products, such as Kora Organics, thus reducing the funding for animal testing performed by beauty corporations. So by choosing a healthier way of life you are also helping other living creatures stay unharmed.

The organic options for both skin care and cleaning products will benefit you personally, your family and the environment. Since everything we use in our household ends up in our wastewater, which ends up in the soil or the rivers and oceans. So we are actually responsible for dispersing the harmful chemicals from the products we use.

As you can see the benefits of opting for organic lifestyle are numerous. Naturally switching to this way of life takes time and patients. You can change one single thing in your life every week or every month and have a slow and painless transition. Start looking at the labels when you go shopping, read about the products you use, and find out how they are manufactured. This way you will understand the benefits of going organic.

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