Health Benefits of rebounding and trampoline workout

Whenever we listen to a term “fitness", automatically our mind starts thinking about running, gymming and weight lifting. But over the past few years, the picture behind fitness term has been changing gradually. ‘Losing big’ is an often a mixed bag of emotions i.e. you have to join an expensive fitness gym and spend dollars on your diet to gain that dream body.

So, how about a fun, entertaining way of exercising while strengthening your cardiovascular system and lymphatic system as well. If you are also fed up of stagnant fitness routines, Trampoline is an ideal way to continue your fitness sessions. If you think that jumping on trampolines is for kids, think again! Since a trampoline is capable of reducing overall body weight by 40 percent faster rate than gymming and improving your balance, it is becoming popular all over the country at a much faster rate. Let’s see some of the benefits of trampoline fitness which can help you live longer:

Enjoyable Way to Reduce Weight

In gyms, you go through an intense workout for hours. It all about reps, sets, push-ups, dumbbells, rods and what not but, on the other side, it is little boring. Every one of us finds a better way of doing any work and actually, there is always a way, you just need to find out! Here, trampoling in indoor trampoline park uk is a more effective and fun way to exercise and reduce your weight.

The recent studies from NASA’s Journal of Applied Physiology say that rebounding workout for 30 minutes is equivalent to jogging for an hour. Jumping on a trampoline is nearly 68% more effective and can help to burn calories at a much faster rate. Whenever you do an intense workout for prolonged hours, it leads to decrease in metabolism whereas whenever you do cardio exercise for long hours, it backfires in reducing your body weight. Therefore, rebounding or jumping exercise on a trampoline is effective in weight loss.

Helps to Cut Lose Cellulite

Amongst a lengthy list of benefits of trampoline fitness, one of the biggest ones is to eliminate cellulite from the body without going through the heavy-breathing exercise. Trampolining is like pumping your body. Whenever you jump, the stimulation of thyroid gland takes place due to which it starts cleaning itself and stored fat (also known as cellulite). Rebounding on a trampoline have positive effects on your thyroid gland. You can reduce all your excess fat without lifting heavy weights by just doing trampoline workout!

Increase in Bone Mass

Have you heard about astronauts? Whenever they have to leave for space travel, they have to lose their bone mass just because in the nil gravity environment, there is no need for strong bones. After they come back to earth, they opt for trampoline fitness sessions. This is because rebounding on a trampoline repetitively, the tension created on bones leads to building up of mineral content which increases the bone density. Thus, resulting in strong bones and ligaments and preventing of problems like osteoporosis.

Enhance in Oxygen Circulation Within the Body

Whenever we run or jog, our heart rate and oxygen consumption increase. And gradually, we stop running. But in the case of rebounding, the heart rate and oxygen consumption level are normal. This is because of the increase in “biochemical stimuli” in the case of trampoling. According to the study done by NASA, bouncing on a trampoline is more effective for your body than jogging or running. It’s the only reason behind making astronauts do trampoline exercises.

No Excess Pressure on Legs and Feet

Sometimes, while jumping or running on the ground can lead to serious injuries and problems in joints, ankles, feet and even legs. While running on a hard surface, a constant pressure is exerted on the joints and muscles of your leg and feet which can lead to painful pronation. Whereas, while jumping or jogging on a bouncy surface like a trampoline, no excess pressure is applied on any part of your body, especially leg muscles. Due to this, you can exercise for long hours without even feeling tired.

Improved Body Balance

Rebounding on a trampoline is quite beneficial for people who suffer from balance problems, children and even elderly people. As we all know, trampoling is easy but, at the same time, it is also not everybody’s cup of tea! Jumping on a trampoline requires concentration and balance to hold muscles tight while preparing for the next move (jump). It also improves your motor skills and transitions between jumps helps in coordination. If you balance issues, you can install balance bars in your trampoline to keep yourself safe.

Good for Lymphatic System

Now let’s talk about how it is beneficial for your metabolic garbage can or lymphatic system. Basically, the lymphatic system is a collection of organs and tissues which are meant to remove all the toxins, waste and other unwanted substances from your body. But, unlike the cardiovascular system in which the blood is pumped automatically by heart, the lymphatic system totally depends on the conscious movement of your body. When you jump on a trampoline, it leads to opening and closing of the lymphatic valves, resulting in an increase in the lymph flow 15 times faster.

As you can see, the health benefits of trampoline fitness are much more than your thought! So, why not visit a trampoline park near you as they have special fitness classes which can help you get the desired body shape.

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