What are the health benefits of cycling

You will definitely agree with the fact that to be physically fit, fine and healthy, a person has to be active. Consistent physical activity can actually let you stay away from various health and mental issues such as cancer, obesity, heart problems, diabetes, mental sickness and depression, arthritis and so many more. Cycling is one such activity which is easy to do, and most of the people around the globe enjoy it. There are numerous health, mental and environment benefits of cycling.

If you start riding your bicycle on a regular basis, you will realize that it is one of the best ways to decrease any risk of any of the health issues connected with a stagnant inactive lifestyle.

Among the various health benefits of cycling, it is consider to be the healthiest, low-impact exercise, which means it produce very less strain & injuries in your body as compared to various other type of exercise.

It is considered to be the most enjoyable exercise which people love to do since ages. Every person from being just a small kid to adults and older people love cycling. It is inexpensive, good for environment and a fun thing for everyone.

If you do not find to do cycling specifically, why don’t you plan to ride to your work? This is the most efficient ways with respect to time and to plan your regular exercise in a pre-defined routine. For your information, around one billion people all across the globe ride bicycles each day for many purposes like for transport, sport, as well as recreation.

Let’s Explore some of the benefits of cycling in detail as follows:-


  1. Great of your heart

    It is able to prevent various cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. If you are involved in regular cycling it actually stimulates & improves your heart, your lungs & blood circulation, hence reducing any risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  2. Strengthen Your Muscles

    Cycling has been stated to strengthen the heart muscles. It also lowers down resting pulse & decreases blood fat levels. Studies have proved that people who ride cycle to their work have 2 to 3 times less exposure to the pollution than those travelling by cars. As a result cyclist’s lung function is eventually improved. You must know that researchers have stated that cycling for just 20 miles in a week decreases any risk to your heart up-to 50 % to those who are involved in no exercise.

  3. Stay Slim

    Cycling is the one of the best way to have control on your increasing obesity, decrease your weight, since it boosts up your metabolic rate. Along with that as said it builds muscle by burning body fat. So if you are planning to lose weight, start cycling to your work and start taking healthy eating plan. Cycling is an easy form of exercise & any person can vary the duration and intensity to do it. Think of start doing cycling!

  4. Increase your brain activity

    Something sticking in your mind, not fining any way to get out, then starts pedaling. Researchers from big university all across the globe have proved that nearly 5 % of the improvement is being observed in cardio and respiratory fitness of human after cycling. It causes 15 % of improvement in mental tests. This is because of the fact that cycling aids in building new brain cells in hippocampus. This is the region which is responsible for memory, and this deteriorates after the age of 30. Not only this, it increases blood flow & oxygen towards your brain, this result in regeneration of receptors.

  5. Stay happy

    If any-time you feel miserable, feel sad, why don’t you saddle up, ride some miles and it will lift your mood. Do you know that any mild exercise can releases those natural feel good endorphins which help in countering stress & then you feel happy?


Mental health issues like anxiety, stress, depression, and other related issues can be decreased by frequent cycling. This is because of such low-impact exercise and mostly people feel enjoyment doing so.

  1. You will have Sound Sleep

    A morning cycling can be little tough in the sense you may feel hard to wake up. But when you will catch a pace of such a routine you will notice that you are able to shut your eyes very easily as soon as you get back to the pillow. Experts have stated that exercising somewhere outside will expose you to daylight and get your circadian rhythm back into sync. Not only this it get rid of the cortisol in your body which is a stress hormone & prevent you from deep sleep.

  2. Design Innovative breakthroughs

    Do you know that many creative people like musicians, writers, artists, well-known executives and various other successful professionals do exercise regularly to resolve any mental blocks & make decisions easily? There are many in the list if we start naming but you must know that in a study it has been proved those 25 minutes of any aerobic exercise can increase at-least one attribute of creative thinking. This is because of the flow of oxygen in your grey mind. This is crucial to sparkle your neurons & giving you enough breathing space away from any stress & pressure of life!

  3. Develop a positive attitude towards Life

    If you addicted to any harmful dependency like alcohol, cigarettes or taking tobacco, and so on. You tend to replace them with some positive habit. As a result you are a happier and healthier person. So start cycling if you are one, or in case your loved ones are addicted to any such thing, suggest them cycling!

  4. Make friends & stay connected

    Cycling is not confined to individual cycling activities. There are various social rides keep happening all across the globe. Doing that in a good amount will not only make you healthier but also you tend to make friends in such riding activities!


  1. Avoid pollution

    You may have a myth that a city cyclist will take in more pollution s compared to drivers & various other passengers in other vehicles. But the fact is opposite, do you know that passengers in taxis, buses, cars etc, inhaled more pollution unlike cyclists & pedestrians. It is concluded that cyclists suck in fewer fumes since they ride at the edge of road and, not like drivers, who are directly exposed to line of exhaust smoke. Also if most of us start travelling by cycling, we will contribute our environment keeping it pollution-free!

  2. Reduce Fuel Consumption

    Not only this health issue, various other resource issues will also be solved! When most of us start riding cycle to our work, offices and shops, usage of other motor vehicles will obviously be reduce and hence the consumption of fuel/oil for them Hence we can contribute in saving the resources of our mother earth.  Not to deny cycling is the eco-friendly transportation way! Right?

  3. Think about saving your planet

    Do you realize that nearly 18-20 cycles can be parked easily at the same space which 1 car takes? Not only this, creation of cycle takes approximately 5 % of the materials & energy which is utilized to make a car. Not to forget cycle produces zero pollution! To conclude cycle are efficient, in saving energy or resources of our planet, letting us exercise in a routine, and keeping us healthier both physically as well as mentally!

Will you still think about whether to start cycling or not?

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