7 Normal Delivery Tips A Woman Should Follow

Bringing your newborn into this world is an undoubtedly beautiful experience, where a woman goes through a lot of pain happily, so as to receive one of the greatest and most wonderful gifts of her life. It is said that the pain experienced by her during labour and delivery, is similar or perhaps more than suffering from multiple fractures at a time. Nevertheless, all would be mothers do yearn for a normal delivery!

Labour room experiences are unique and special. And although every woman desires to go through a natural delivery procedure, there can be multiple reasons that may force her to undergo a caesarean. However, there are a few techniques, which when followed during the nine months of pregnancy may guarantee a normal delivery.

Let us see a few of these tips that may help you through a normal delivery:

Here are 11 essential tips that will help you pass through the labour pain successfully and proceed towards a normal delivery.

Exercising is the key

Successfully accomplishing through the pregnancy period requires a lot of strength and stamina. And it is only through these mild exercises, morning and evening walks that you can keep yourself energetic throughout the months of conception and up till delivery.

Vaginal birth requires strong pelvic muscles. Squats, pelvic stretches and related exercises that strengthen thigh muscles are particularly suggested. However, it is very essential to know that any physical exercise must be performed under the supervision of doctors and therapists. Wrongly practiced exercises may lead to unwanted and adverse results hampering both the mother and her growing fetus.

Regulating your breathing cycles

Healthy fetal growth not only depends upon the right amount of food or water, but also demands for the right amount of oxygen supply. Correct breathing exercises enhance fetal development that finally results into the birth of a healthy child. Gynecologists are also of the opinion that breathing exercises help the baby cope and coordinate well with the mother during labour.

In addition, undergoing a normal delivery also requires controlling your breathing cycles from time to time. Doctors during the delivery instruct mothers – to- be of how they can control their breathing cycles that in turn creates a pressure forcing the baby out of the vaginal canal. In that period of extreme pain and anxiety, correct breathing techniques may be difficult to perform for those who have not practiced it well before hand. Therefore, practicing to regulate your breathing cycles throughout the pregnancy period is always suggested.

Accurate Diet

People in India suffer from myths, that eating food items such as ghee or oil can lubricate the birth canal and thus help in easing the normal delivery. However, this is wrong and may rather lead to weight gain that hinders vaginal birth.

Eating the right amount of food keeps your baby healthy and strong so that it can triumph through the delivery stress and take birth naturally. Food is also essential to ensure correct growth of fetus and prepares it to take proper position for vaginal birth. Finally, quality food keeps your systems nourished and healthy, thus preparing you for labour pain and normal delivery.

Perineal Massage

Regular perineum massage post seventh month greatly ensures normal delivery. This gently stretches the skin and loosens the vaginal opening that is further stretched by the baby’s head during delivery. Perineal massage helps you to control labour stress, reduce swelling and joint pain to a great extent and thus making the childbirth less stressful and painful.

To execute a comfortable perineal massage, you are needed to sit on your bed with pillows supporting your back and legs gently stretched apart. Trim your finger nails and lubricate your hands and perineum with oil that does not cause any allergy or irritation. Slowly insert two fingers deep into your vagina and exert towards anus. The action need to stretch your premium both downwards and upwards until a tingling sensation is experienced. The tingling sensation indicates that the premium is now slightly stretched and preparing the birth canal. Care needs to be taken that no burning or irritation is experienced during the procedure.

Avoid stress and be happy

Many a times it is seen that women despite being in a healthy condition of undergoing a normal delivery cannot go through the same as excessive stress prior to labour inhibits normal delivery. Stress hinders normal production of a hormone known as Oxytocin responsible for causing contractions during labour. So, when the lower body seizes to contract, vaginal birth becomes extremely painful, tiring both the mother and her baby.

Therefore, being stress free is crucial to ensure healthy production of oxytocin and thus accurate contractions that eases vaginal stretch and natural birth of baby.

Enroll yourself for some prenatal classes

Learning about labour pain and delivery much beforehand helps you have a more confident mindset and thus reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping yourself updated about situations that may arise during pre labour period leaves you stress free and thus takes you closer to normal delivery. These also help you learn correct postures and diet that keeps you healthy and takes you one step closer to normal delivery.

Sufficient rest and sleep is vital

Taking sufficient rest during pregnancy is vital to keep yourself healthy and relaxed. It is always suggested that expecting mothers need to have regular and fixed hours of sleep. Most women remain exhausted and tend to feel sleepy throughout the day. However, falling asleep at any part of the day will not rejuvenate your lost energy. Instead, visit a doctor and try finding out the underlying reasons that make you feel exhausted.

Doctors always suggest that pregnant women need to sleep in dimly lit rooms and not in complete darkness. It is also suggested that they need to refrain from tea or coffee atleast 2 hours before going to bed, so as to ensure sound and uninterrupted sleep.

These were seven essential tips that will help you through a normal vaginal delivery. Wishing you a happy pregnancy and a healthy child birth, that’s all with today’s post.

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