Yoga isn’t just for the young and fit, but for everyone who wishes to reap the wonderful benefits of this glorious science. It’s never too late to commence on a healthy journey and you are never too old to stop the exercise. Gentle practices at an older age can do wonders to keep your physical and mental health in the best of shape as long as

The pressure you likely feel to get into great shape and look good is constant. Everywhere you look, a new magazine is showing you how trim you could be, or telling you that you need to be in better shape. These goals are great, and also attainable, but they come at a cost of hard work and a good diet. Unfortunately for a lot of us, sticking to such a

What is Bikram Hot Yoga? Yoga, to most people, translates to the dreadful imagination of insane flexibility, ability to perform crazy poses and body perfection. However, this is not what yoga is all about. In fact, if you are unable to touch your toes or even see them, you are a perfect candidate for yoga. Bikram yoga is an advanced type of yoga which takes place in rooms heated to

Many people don’t understand meditation or the benefits it can bring to you. Not only can it relax you, it can affect the way you look and interact with life, as a whole. Tests have been conducted and documented as far back as 1952, and it was then that Dr. Rollo May wrote a book about recurring experiences his patients had. These were the feelings of loneliness or

What is Shavasana? Shavasana (also written savasana sometimes), looks the easiest but is one of the most demanding and difficult post to practice. Shavasana can take us to the height of conscious awareness  when done the right way. It has to be done for the right amount of time too, not too long, so it becomes a nap or not too short, so there is too little time. Different set-ups