What is Hatha Yoga and what are its benefits? In this busy and hassle lifestyle, we often forget to take care of ourselves which later trade off with our health and overall daily lifestyle. But it's never too late to adopt some good habits in our life style and make life more colorful and alive. It is highly recommended to do any physical workout for at least  

The decision to go for a Yoga Teacher Training program marks the first step of a wonderful journey of life. Hence, it is crucial that the selection of the yoga school is done with keenness and precociousness. A yoga teacher training in India offers the golden opportunity to receive authentic yoga education under the tutelage of great Indian yoga teacher.  A yoga teacher in India is an epitome of

Ashtanga Yoga-- a classical form of yoga after the much-renowned Hatha Yoga is a gift of sage K.Pattabhi Jois to the modern world. A phenomenal work of Yoga Korunta teachings, Ashtanga yoga is a derivative ‘eight-limbed path’ aimed at releasing the body from past thoughts for unfolding the present moment and to attain complete enlightenment (state of samadhi). It is a yogic form that is a perfect

Unhealthy eating habits, stressful lifestyle, prolonged sitting jobs, or lack of physical movements, whatever is the reason, Belly fat can be dangerous and discomforting. From not facing difficulty in physical movements like bending or running to not finding the right size of clothes and a lot of health issue, belly fat can wreak havoc on the overall being of a person. The more fat your tummy holds, the higher is

Buddhist meditation is the practice of meditation in Buddhist philosophy which offers meditation techniques that one can practice achieving peace of mind, control negative and destructive thoughts, manage anger issues and cultivate compassion and thoughtfulness. Buddhists practice meditation as a part of their journey to enlightenment and ultimately, nirvana. Buddhist Meditation Techniques Following is a comprehensive list of effective Buddhist meditation techniques that you must try. You can sit in