I am sure many of you feel the same; even I use to feel “why is my belly fat so stubborn”. There are many hidden reason behind it. You will come across many of the experts selling their products telling “this will definitely burn your stubborn belly fat” But do they actually tell the causes behind it? In order to find the solution to melt such stubborn belly fat, first

Have you been thinking to take weight loss pill or weight loss supplements in order to achieve quick weight loss? Let you know that it is never to adopt such weight loss shortcuts. You never know about their side-effects, do you? It varies from person to person. Rather than this it is always recommended to bring a change in your life style. Experts will always advise you to bring changes

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How do you measure weight faster? Why doesn’t my waist show the difference I see in the meter? I lost 5 kgs yet the clothes don’t feel the difference why? Are you too nagging with the same kind of questions and not getting answers? Well, it may happen sometimes that despite putting in a lot of efforts our body might not show the difference in the mirror as

Weight gain is a major problem that is afflicting the world in recent times. People are busy in their hectic schedule and they rarely find the time to exercise or follow a diet plan that would help them to get back in shape. On top of that, most people follow an unhealthy lifestyle which is really not suitable for their health. Smoking, drinking and substance abuse are some of the