Be it sipping fresh juices, wearing fashionable clothes, carrying printed umbrellas, or plunging into the pool for a quick dip, the hot and humid summer has got its own exclusive features. But what about the scorching heat, that could even give you a sun stroke? Well, all you can do is to take precautionary steps, buddy. You also sweat out the most during the summers. A little effort and there

Whether it’s a 9-to-5 job, or you’re looking after the home, attending school/college/coaching classes or busy expanding your business, life surely keeps you occupied, and you hardly find time for yourself. We shouldn’t forget that it is very important to indulge in some ‘me’-time regularly. This is the hour(s), you should do something that you truly love, and find interest in. Also, just

Losing weight is definitely not a cakewalk. You literally have to struggle and toil, to get the body you may be fantasizing about. Being overweight can take a toll on one’s mental health. You may be so depressed and unhappy about being fat, that you would be willing to do anything to become leaner. You are even ready to shell out dollars after dollar, for a liposuction. But are

So the aunty next door is apparently more concerned about your weight, while your friends worry, you may not find your ‘Mr. Perfect’ due to your round figure. But, is societal pressure the only reason, why you should start working out, and remain fit? Of course not! Keeping fit and healthy has a pool of advantages and also has the power to make you fall in love with yourself. But

While global warming is for real, and the summer temperatures are on the rise, all we want and dream of, is to escape to the somewhat cooler hills (mountains are melting too, remember?). Hills are calm and serene, the snow-capped mountains and roads offer us a breath-taking and splendid view, whilst cooling our senses with the chilled weather. No wonder, hilly areas are our favourite vacation spots! Hills can offer