Women should keep active during their pregnancy because they gain so many benefits from doing so. First of all, they can burn the extra calories that they tend to take in while pregnant. Second, doing specific exercises helps them during their delivery. It can also help them with any aches that they encounter. Lastly, it will help them regain their pre-pregnancy body after delivery.   The most effective form of

Who wouldn’t want to flaunt a flat belly? This desire gets harder to achieve with age because of the hormonal changes. Pilates training and workout is a secret tool to shape the abdominal muscles. Indulge in a Pilates workout regimen thrice a week every alternate day for best results. Follow these simple workouts to quickly flatten your belly. Toe Dip Lie on your back with legs raise up and

Pilates is a wonderful workout for toning the entire body. All the workouts in Pilates begin with a neutral spine position. For this, one needs to lie down on the back with the legs placed at a hip distance apart. The arms need to be placed by the sides facing down. When the hip and pubic bones lie on the same plane, then the position is said to be a

Pilates is an amazing workout strategy that you can stick to achieve your weight loss goals. Pilates exercises can be done even when you have been injured and there are specific exercises to be done during pregnancy as well. The workouts can be easily modified to suit the needs of an individual. These workouts can be blended into the routine at whatever stage in life as and when needed. Pilates

If you’ve been longing for a flat tummy then you must certainly turn to Pilates. A recent study has revealed that engaging in Pilates mat exercises can result in strengthening of abdominal muscles and result in a flat and sleek stomach. It helps in developing a graceful posture as well as whole body toning. Pilates can be done easily at home to achieve your desired weight loss goals. Here