Rehabilitating your ankle should be done slowly and carefully. Start with non-weight bearing ankle physical therapy exercises, moving to resisted exercises, and then weight bearing activities as your ankle recovers. Exercise 1 Sit on a chair with the edge of the heel, on the floor. Draw all the alphabets, one letter at a time, by moving the injured ankle. Think that your toe is the pen. Do from A to

I suppose that by this time you would have learnt a lot about physical therapy exercises. If you are someone who is taking up physical therapy for the first time, he/she needs to know that it is a treatment given to anyone with musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, starting from a normal neck pain to spinal cord injury. It has been used, many centuries ago. If you have a torn

The posture braces or the posture corrector is a garment which supports the back and the shoulder and also pulls the shoulder backwards and straighten the back to gain a perfect posture. How you stand, walk and carry yourself are very important in today’s world. Thus, if you do not have an upright posture, you can use these braces. Do you want to know the types of posture braces?

During everyday life everyone values the ability to function as independently as possible, with hundreds of muscle and joints human body has more moving part than any other machine. Do not you realize that your body occasionally cries out in pain and refuse to do what you tell? Do not   worry take a deep breath and laugh loudly there is a one solution for your entire problem –it is physiotherapy .