Think of a professional boxer, a sprint runner, slalom skier, or a gymnast. They all have one thing in common – a need to be in impeccable physical shape in order to perform their best and win competitions. But, what if they got injured?  We are going to deal with that question here. To be more precise, we will discuss the aftermath of sports injuries, and provide several examples

As the adverse effects of obesity on our health becomes clearer, more and more people are taking the initiative to exercise regularly. While traditional sports like basketball and cycling are great options, cutting edge fitness options like rock climbing and MMA are also becoming quite popular.However, the latter increase the chances of more serious injuries. While exercise is meant to help us stay fit and healthy, going about it

As the fastest growing sector in the United States, healthcare employs over 18 million workers — 80 percent of whom are women. Each day, allied health professionals working in a variety of specialties encounter several serious safety and health hazards. Shockingly, illness and nonfatal injuries are the highest among U.S. allied healthcare workers! Whether you travel across the country for each assignment or pick up work locally, avoiding workplace

The method of treatment of muscle activation through exercise is called physical therapy or physiotherapy or 'physical therapy'. Physiotherapy is considered a health system in which people are tested and treatment is provided so that they can develop and maintain maximum mobility and functioning for a lifetime. Under this, treatment comes in which the person's mobility is endangered due to age, injury, disease and environment related

Players are supposed to be active and play with full zeal. That is why, often, the players get injured. Some sports such as soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, cricket, etc. need extra caution and effort on the players end. Thus, to put their best foot forward, they get hurt at some point in time and unfortunately have to face certain injuries that may turn to be fatal in the future. Though,