Most people today are working. Sometimes after having a child, most of the parents (especially mothers) are unable to balance their professional and personal lives and in few cases, they are bound to discontinue their work life. However, in recent years it has become a necessity for both parents to work to run their daily life smoothly, as financial stability cannot be compromised at any stage. In this case, parents

Recruitment is said to be a life changing experience. Some may end up getting the best opportunities in their life while some suffer misery. In an interview not only the applicant is put through a test, but also the interviewer is tested. As difficult as it is for an applicant to prove himself and get the job, it is equally difficult for an interview to ask the right set of

Most of us at least grew up in a home where conflict was a reality of multiple related persons living under one roof. This conflict is often totally harmless and just a type of hermetic stress for the relationships as they grow and expand to cover new boundaries and situations, but sometimes they can persist as long-term issues. At those times, it becomes necessary to seek outside help to find

Bringing your newborn into this world is an undoubtedly beautiful experience, where a woman goes through a lot of pain happily, so as to receive one of the greatest and most wonderful gifts of her life. It is said that the pain experienced by her during labour and delivery, is similar or perhaps more than suffering from multiple fractures at a time. Nevertheless, all would be mothers do yearn for

Are you pregnant and thinking of traveling? While traveling is a pleasurable hobby for most people, it can be frustrating if you are pregnant. Pregnancy comes with its own challenges and a whole set of do and don’t and today we are going to explore how you can still have a wonderful time travelling while you are pregnant. Although it is understandable because of the rigors of pregnancy, sometimes,