Bringing your newborn into this world is an undoubtedly beautiful experience, where a woman goes through a lot of pain happily, so as to receive one of the greatest and most wonderful gifts of her life. It is said that the pain experienced by her during labour and delivery, is similar or perhaps more than suffering from multiple fractures at a time. Nevertheless, all would be mothers do yearn for

Are you pregnant and thinking of traveling? While traveling is a pleasurable hobby for most people, it can be frustrating if you are pregnant. Pregnancy comes with its own challenges and a whole set of do and don’t and today we are going to explore how you can still have a wonderful time travelling while you are pregnant. Although it is understandable because of the rigors of pregnancy, sometimes,

Getting a birth control method that can help you avoid STIs is recommended mostly for teens and young adults. This is what condoms do, one of the most common barrier method of birth control. Reliability is what matters most when considering a birth control option. Barrier methods have been rated as some of the most reliable birth control options. There are different barrier methods with these being the commonest: Spermicides

Unplanned pregnancies are always hard things for couples to take ad recover from. Abstinence birth control is a recommended option mostly for persons below the legal age of majority. Just like many others, sexual abstinence as a birth control option is a choice, which others accept, and many more ignore. Most common reasons that trigger the use of this method as a birth control option are moral or religious whereas

Portia is one of the most common oral contraceptives used by women today. Read all that you need to know about Portia birth control in this post. Portia birth control defines an oral medication that is a combination of two hormones in estrogen and progestin.  The combination of those two hormones and formulation of Portia oral medication helps in preventing ovulation hence making the fertilization process impossible. It also works