Insulin injections are a must if you have Type 2 diabetes. Sooner or later this will be introduced to you either permanently or temporarily like during infections. Though this may sound horrifying to anyone who is afraid of injections, but actually, there is nothing to worry about, provided you know the correct method of using the injection. But having said that, it is also a fact that a lot of

Are we really that unhappy or just painfully unaware of how beautiful life is? Maybe both. Truth is, once we step out of our negative mind frame and accept real-time and space conditions as they are (wonderful and just a tad challenging), opportunities to improve the quality of our lives tend to present themselves at virtually every corner. Naturally, not all emotional and/or psychological conditions get to be a

Prolonged and otherwise untreated hormonal imbalance can cause fat storage and result in weight gain, exacerbate existing conditions such as acne and PMS and result in a slew of other symptoms, including headaches and migraines, completely disrupted monthly cycle and menopausal issues, problems with libido and psychological burn-outs. Therefore, keeping your hormones in optimal balance absolutely imperative for maintaining both physical and psychological well-being and ensure your behavior, eating and

One of the most common childhood nightmares is going for a dental check-up. Who would not understand it?Sitting in a huge chair with over-head illuminated light and dentist looking inside and poking around in your mouth with some edgy and frightening devices. Finally when the torture is over, they tell you not to eat your favourite sweets and brush teeth regularly. This childhood nightmare sticks with us. No one

For some organic lifestyle is nothing but a passing trend, however, what it is actually is going back to our roots. In the beginning, we grew and ate food uncontaminated by chemicals. The clothes our ancestors wore, the products they used all came from plants and animals that had no contact with any types of harmful substances. With the advances in industry and agriculture, the need for increased production replaced