Health is something that is central to everything related to a human being. Health is an overall concept of the mind and body being able to perform on different occasions and in different scenarios properly. Health is something that can be strong genetically and sometimes might need a bit of hard work to improve.We have compiled the top daily habits of really healthy women. On top of the list

Who can use chewable birth control Most women that smoke cigarettes are discouraged to use chewable birth control and other contraceptives. The risk becomes even more dangerous as they get over 35years or smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day. Women with a history of blood clots, liver diseases or those who have recently had surgery are also discouraged from taking chewable contraceptives such as GeneressFe, which could only worsen

Do you feel the need to whiten your teeth? Are you tired or ashamed of your yellow teeth and avoid smiling in public? Well, if you have lost the whiteness or the luster of your teeth which you had earlier, you can go for teeth whitening. It is a process by which you can get back your natural white, which you have lost due to the food habits, smoking, regular

Dental implant treatment is a process through which artificial tooth is placed into your jaw to clutch a bridge, crown, denture, or a replacement tooth. You can replace a natural tooth and its implant. So, if you have lost a tooth due to an accident, an injury, a disease or for some other reason, Dental Tooth Implant can be an option for you. The healing time may vary person to

All Liposuction San Diego surgeons would confirm you that liposuction is a simple procedure to suck out the excess lipids from the body. Different Liposuction San Diego surgeons use different slangs like, Lipo, Liposculpture, Lipoplastry or suction Lipectomy. This is a procedure to remove fat from abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Advantages of undergoing a liposuction The obvious first and most important advantage of liposuction is that one can gain the