nbsp; Clove Oil originates from the powder of cloves and has been in usage for centuries. The native of the islands of Indonesia and Madagascar, cloves began to become popular across South Asia in the following decades. They can be grown throughout the year. Owing to its ability to add a delicious flavor and its health benefits, their usage soon spread to the entire world. Clove oil has been hailed

There’s always a debate about how consumption of tea or coffee affects our health.  For ages, there have been myths that drinking them is harmful to health but studies have busted that myths and some more. They have proven that tea and coffee are much more beneficial to us. In fact, they have been known to increase productivity and as well as increase life expectancy. We’

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a psychological treatment, that can put you in your subconscious mind and it will help you to eliminate some bad habits such as smoking, and for removing your depression from your conscious mind. With hypnotherapy, patients can control their mind and learn to better control their state of awareness. In the case of depression, hypnotherapy can provide relaxation to the patients. The hypnotherapist can discuss the

A good sleep is as important as a regular work out, yoga, meditation, a good food for all children, adults and elders. As we avoid sleeping in the night or struggle with some problem to fall in sleep will end with the disturb morning. Some times excessive weight gain, hair fall, skin problems along with some health conditions will raise because of the improper sleep. What are the main reasons

There is no one in today’s world who might not be suffering from stress. It is virtually inescapable. Though it might not present any serious impact on the health, however, if it is prolonged it can cause many repercussions on health. When you are in stress hormones are released which increase the breathing rate and make your muscles ready for respond. But if stress continues to linger on,