For some organic lifestyle is nothing but a passing trend, however, what it is actually is going back to our roots. In the beginning, we grew and ate food uncontaminated by chemicals. The clothes our ancestors wore, the products they used all came from plants and animals that had no contact with any types of harmful substances. With the advances in industry and agriculture, the need for increased production replaced

Who does not want to look appealing and have a perfect body? In today’s time, people go to any length to acquire the desired body shape.Liposuction in Bangalore is one such cosmetic surgery that removes undesirable and stubborn fat deposits from specific parts of the body. According to research, people of all age groups are drawn towards various cosmetic surgeries which help them to improve their physical

When people decide to start working out, they don’t really know what lies ahead of them. The road to a perfect body is long, and it’s certainly hard. But, that’s exactly what makes it so rewarding. If you’ve decided to step into the world of fitness, you need to know that there are three things that are especially important. Sleeping is certainly

Technology intervention is not just restricted to smartphones and GPS locators. With the advent of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, technology has permeated through the beauty industry. Once upon a time, cosmetic treatments were limited to botox, liposuction and eye lifts. Those were the days when ultrasonic waves and lasers seemed absolutely sci-fi. Today, laser and ultrasonic beauty treatments are providing quick results for skin rejuvenation and body contouring procedures, We now

Nobody likes a guy who is too fat for his structure to hold, this is not fat shaming this is the truth. And I know even if you’re a little overweight, you’ve always wanted to change to change yourself and become the muscular beast you always wanted to be. Well here are the 7 steps you can follow that will help you change that fat of