One of the most common childhood nightmares is going for a dental check-up. Who would not understand it?Sitting in a huge chair with over-head illuminated light and dentist looking inside and poking around in your mouth with some edgy and frightening devices. Finally when the torture is over, they tell you not to eat your favourite sweets and brush teeth regularly. This childhood nightmare sticks with us. No one

In a never-ending fight to find the secret to eternal youth, billions of dollars are spent in the highly-lucrative anti-aging market every year. We are so afraid of looking old, that we’re very willing to shell out any amount of money, as long as it promises quick results. Wrinkles are a completely natural part of the aging process, yet it seems almost like a constant reminder of the passage

Yoga isn’t just for the young and fit, but for everyone who wishes to reap the wonderful benefits of this glorious science. It’s never too late to commence on a healthy journey and you are never too old to stop the exercise. Gentle practices at an older age can do wonders to keep your physical and mental health in the best of shape as long as

Tea is a beverage that is consumed for its medicinal properties and to boost energy levels. While people predominantly tend to opt for the common types, Oolong Tea has wonderful benefits on one’s health. Oolong Tea is one of the traditional Chinese teas that are often manufactured from the Camellia Sinesis plant. The tea is made from the stems, buds and even the leaves of the plant. The

Most of us at least grew up in a home where conflict was a reality of multiple related persons living under one roof. This conflict is often totally harmless and just a type of hermetic stress for the relationships as they grow and expand to cover new boundaries and situations, but sometimes they can persist as long-term issues. At those times, it becomes necessary to seek outside help to find