Losing hair is never a good thing and for someone who is losing hair, there could be few things worse. While losing a few hair every day is normal, but if you are starting to see bald patches, then there is probably reason for worry. For several people, the hair loss is so severe that for them, the only option might be a hair transplant. However, if you are one

Sleep is as vital as food to our body for maintenance. Yet more than 60 millions of Americans have hard time at sleeping at their regular time. USA is dealing with insomnia as an epidemic. However, the fight with your sub conscious is not an easy journey. Science About Sleep Body Clock’ is a layman phrase for the circadian rhythms in our body. Roughly, it is a 24-hours cycle

Growing old is a wonderful feeling with all the experience and wisdom that we earn along the journey. It gives us the satisfaction of a life well lived. However, there are some undesirable situations that can come along with the aging process. Some health issues naturally become the part of the process. One of these situations is the problem of urinary incontinence, which elders dread the most. Most elders in

Therapy is often treated as a homogenous activity, but there are many different ways to approach problems in one’s life. With each way, there are going to be strengths and weaknesses depending on the scope of the issue and phase of the treatment. Two of the most frequent formats for therapy is individual therapy and family therapy. As the names would suggest, individual therapy is mostly one-on-one therapy

Even though plastic surgery is often associated with all those large-breasted girls with huge lips and tailored noses, the truth is that there’s much more to it than just uniformed looks. Plastic surgery can be extremely helpful in terms of improving your emotional and physical health, as well as when it comes to boosting your self-confidence, which are definitely its major benefits. If you want to learn more