There comes a time in the life of many seniors when they just can’t get around like they used to. It takes them longer to get up and down from their favorite chair. It may even take longer to get to the bathroom and take care of other important needs. So, you go to see your doctor or your physical therapist. And, they suggest some exercises you can

Depression is not something that can be easily treated with medication. Even a single most traumatic event can leave a lasting impression on the person for a lifetime. Each situation is person specific and there cannot be generic solutions for it. Hence, many physicians and psychiatrist offer the option of clinical hypnotherapy treatment. There are Several Benefits going for this form of Alternative Treatment: Works at Deeper Level Depression is

Can you believe that the gut flora consists of nearly 100 trillion bacteria? Yes that is true, and adding to this is the fact that these microorganisms help improve your health in many different ways. The competitive world that we live in requires us to remain at the top of our game always, this in turn causes a lot of stress and health issues. One of the topmost issues faced

It’s confusing, we are after all humans and therefore may find it difficult to make the right decision especially when there is a sea of information available. I am talking about nothing but probiotic supplements. We now know the answer to the question “what are probiotics?" that they are very good for health as they help heal the gut. We also know that there are a lot of foods

New year, new me, right? Unfortunately, there’s a major flaw in the way we make New Year’s resolutions, as well as most of the other goals we set for ourselves throughout the year, and that is, we simply bite more than we can actually chew. Our goals are hardly realistic, which means we end up setting ourselves for failure from the very start without even realizing