Are you interested in losing weight in a health manner? Do you want to impress everyone with your new appearance? If you have answered affirmatively to either one of these two questions, do not hesitate to keep on reading this article. In the paragraphs that follow, you will discover no less than ten amazing tips, on how to lose weight, resorting to the vegan diet. Do not hesitate to read

What is Bikram Hot Yoga? Yoga, to most people, translates to the dreadful imagination of insane flexibility, ability to perform crazy poses and body perfection. However, this is not what yoga is all about. In fact, if you are unable to touch your toes or even see them, you are a perfect candidate for yoga. Bikram yoga is an advanced type of yoga which takes place in rooms heated to

Stretch marks are a type of skin scarring linked to obesity, pregnancy, puberty, as well as added weight for those who are into bodybuilding or other physical activity. Stretch marks form when the layer of the skin that is responsible for maintaining shape and elasticity of the body has been stretched to the point that it can’t bear. As a result of this, interlinking fibers within the skin

It is commonplace to find stretch marks in women after pregnancy. They (stretch marks) are a natural response to the swift growth of a woman’s body that occurs during pregnancy. Owing to the fact that the skin cells are compelled to reform faster than they usually would, a stretching of the skin occurs because they are unable to keep up to the pace of rapid increase in the

What are Stretch Marks? Also referred to as striae, stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, lines or stripes that develop on a person’s skin and have a distinct hue from the surrounding skin. They occur due to a sudden stretching of the skin and are quite common. Note however, that anyone can develop stretch marks, although they are a lot more common in women than men. They normally