You will definitely agree with the fact that to be physically fit, fine and healthy, a person has to be active. Consistent physical activity can actually let you stay away from various health and mental issues such as cancer, obesity, heart problems, diabetes, mental sickness and depression, arthritis and so many more. Cycling is one such activity which is easy to do, and most of the people around the globe

Is that so you do this often that you keep standing in front of the mirror and keep observing your body and that very moment you have a dream of having a  perfect body? That very moment you start thinking “how to get perfect body”. Many of us do this very frequently but unfortunately many of us do not know some of the quick changes in our

Are you pregnant and thinking of traveling? While traveling is a pleasurable hobby for most people, it can be frustrating if you are pregnant. Pregnancy comes with its own challenges and a whole set of do and don’t and today we are going to explore how you can still have a wonderful time travelling while you are pregnant. Although it is understandable because of the rigors of pregnancy, sometimes,

One may argue, what is shoulder strength and why do we need it? Here is the answer... As one of the most moveable joints of the body, the shoulder is susceptible to injuries. To avert this danger, it must remain in its place with good support from ligaments, tendons and muscles. These soft tissues must be worked down upon for the strength that the shoulders must possess. Remember, shoulder muscles

Anaemia, A very Common issues these days, especially with females. For some it is a horror story. But do you know why it occurs? Iron-deficiency leads to anemia, in which red blood cells are reduced due to the the low amount of iron in the body. As a result  your body is unable to produce sufficient hemoglobin due of the deficiency of Iron. What to do then, start consuming foods