Bacteria that are beneficial for your gut are called probiotics and they may be found in various food products. These probiotics, apart from improving the digestive system and immune system, also play a huge role in maintaining one’s health. These days one of the commonest health hazard is obesity. There is research suggesting that the good bacteria may help in improving the body’s ability to burn fat, thereby

Probiotics-what does it mean in reality? Probiotic awareness has slowly but surely made its way through the walls and into the health circle. You have no idea how much the body will thank you if you give the digestive tract a good dose of good bacteria. Should we take Probiotics supplements? Isn’t that what you were thinking about? Well, the world relies on antibiotics and anti-bacterial chemicals that do

What are probiotics without kefir! Yes, it most definitely is a buzz word these days. The probiotic world even calls kefir the next “Greek yogurt”. What exactly is all this hue and cry about though? Is it worth all the hype? And most importantly is kefir safe? Let’s find out all about this. What is kefir? A tart tasting fermented product that is very similar to yogurt yet refreshing

Yogurt, yogurt and more yogurt everywhere these days. Why is this fermented dairy product considered a super food these days? Are there any proven benefits? Well, a mighty healthy source of protein, carbohydrate, fat and micro nutrients, the yogurt is literally one among very few foods that gives you a perfect balance of nutrients. What makes it even better is if it is made from milk got from grass fed

There comes a time in the life of many seniors when they just can’t get around like they used to. It takes them longer to get up and down from their favorite chair. It may even take longer to get to the bathroom and take care of other important needs. So, you go to see your doctor or your physical therapist. And, they suggest some exercises you can