The therapists do a great job in preventing from any diseases and promoting better health to the patients. Physiotherapy session is essential for post surgery patients because patients need to undergo bed rest for a longer time after major surgeries, and they are often unable to move their body after certain time. In these cases, physiotherapy session can help them to move their body slowly and a professional physiotherapist can

Whenever we listen to a term “fitness", automatically our mind starts thinking about running, gymming and weight lifting. But over the past few years, the picture behind fitness term has been changing gradually. ‘Losing big’ is an often a mixed bag of emotions i.e. you have to join an expensive fitness gym and spend dollars on your diet to gain that dream body. So, how about a fun, entertaining

Healthy eating is always an uphill task especially with life turning out to be busy and demanding. However, the many benefits associated with healthy eating should always be a motivator for you even when you find yourself living under pressure from day to day programs. With this in mind, you should commit yourself to a healthy eating program as doing so will be the smartest decision for you. For you

Hot beverages are a great help in beating the chills during the cold season. They can also aid in fighting seasonal flu and a few chronic health conditions. With the health benefits they offer, they can boost your health and help you stay in shape throughout the year. Unfortunately, however, not all hot beverages carry health benefits which means you really need to know your options. As a guide, here

How many of you actually think about naturally cleanse your liver? How many of you know that many of your food habits affect the smooth functioning of your liver? You must actually treat your liver as your own personal filtering system. This is something which sucks in the bad & spit out the good. You ought to know about food for healthy liver. This is due to various functions of