One may argue, what is shoulder strength and why do we need it? Here is the answer... As one of the most moveable joints of the body, the shoulder is susceptible to injuries. To avert this danger, it must remain in its place with good support from ligaments, tendons and muscles. These soft tissues must be worked down upon for the strength that the shoulders must possess. Remember, shoulder muscles

Anaemia, A very Common issues these days, especially with females. For some it is a horror story. But do you know why it occurs? Iron-deficiency leads to anemia, in which red blood cells are reduced due to the the low amount of iron in the body. As a result  your body is unable to produce sufficient hemoglobin due of the deficiency of Iron. What to do then, start consuming foods

We all are aware of one fact or we can say one very important benefit of cabbage, that it is full of fiber. That is the reason it is used in salad. But have you ever realized that how crucial it is to help in reducing extra fat from your body. Yes, that's right you must know about cabbage for weight loss. Cabbage is a popular low-calorie healthy vegetable. In

For ages, the health of the skin has been linked directly to the type of food that is consumed. But, today many people are either unaware of the fact or just don't know how to link the two. On the contrary, it is quite simple to understand. Just like the other parts of the body, our skin also needs food and nutrition to stay healthy. Therefore, a poor diet can

Teeth and gums generally don’t get as much care as they deserve. We often ignore them forgetting that they are important to the body as any other organ. It’s good that we follow oral hygiene on a regular basis but is that not enough? Certainly not, because oral care is just one aspect to our dental health. Brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning are indeed necessary to maintain dental