The decision to go for a Yoga Teacher Training program marks the first step of a wonderful journey of life. Hence, it is crucial that the selection of the yoga school is done with keenness and precociousness. A yoga teacher training in India offers the golden opportunity to receive authentic yoga education under the tutelage of great Indian yoga teacher.  A yoga teacher in India is an epitome of

As the fastest growing sector in the United States, healthcare employs over 18 million workers — 80 percent of whom are women. Each day, allied health professionals working in a variety of specialties encounter several serious safety and health hazards. Shockingly, illness and nonfatal injuries are the highest among U.S. allied healthcare workers! Whether you travel across the country for each assignment or pick up work locally, avoiding workplace

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash With our fast-paced lives combined with easy access to processed and junk food, it comes as no surprise that about 30% of the world’s population is either obese or overweight, and the number shows the tendency to grow. With that in mind, it’s essential for us to rethink our lifestyles in order to introduce healthier habits, and instill them in

Ashtanga Yoga-- a classical form of yoga after the much-renowned Hatha Yoga is a gift of sage K.Pattabhi Jois to the modern world. A phenomenal work of Yoga Korunta teachings, Ashtanga yoga is a derivative ‘eight-limbed path’ aimed at releasing the body from past thoughts for unfolding the present moment and to attain complete enlightenment (state of samadhi). It is a yogic form that is a perfect

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