Buddhist meditation is the practice of meditation in Buddhist philosophy which offers meditation techniques that one can practice achieving peace of mind, control negative and destructive thoughts, manage anger issues and cultivate compassion and thoughtfulness. Buddhists practice meditation as a part of their journey to enlightenment and ultimately, nirvana. Buddhist Meditation Techniques Following is a comprehensive list of effective Buddhist meditation techniques that you must try. You can sit in

Regardless as to whether or not they are dealing with severe types of acne scars or not, everybody is always concerned about how much they weigh on the scale. The figure almost always seems to takeover even when the skin suffers from different types of hyperpigmentation. Weight issues normally take special focus both for aesthetic but also for health reasons that, sometimes, can go all the way to a matter

Teeth and oral hygiene have a major impact on human health in the modern world. The molar and canine teeth are suitable for chewing and grinding food. But a foul odor from your mouth or bad breath can make a bad first impression even if you have a beautiful smile. All health-conscious citizens take care of their body and mind, and a happy smile is a definite giveaway. A professional

We keep hearing about the advantages of healthy food. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is a saying that keeps coming up now and then, and now without reason. The more fruits and vegetables in the plate, the better your chances of a healthy life. Chronic diseases like cancer and heart diseases can be kept away by including a daily dose of vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash Unless you’ve been the only resident of Rock Street in the past couple of years, you have likely noticed the massive changes that have come about in the beauty industry. As a result of the global health and fitness revolution, the mindset of most people has been shifting towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle that includes taking better care of ourselves. However,