Just like a sapling needs sunlight and water to grow into a beautiful tree, a newborn baby needs love, nurture, and care to have a long healthy life. Newborns have a incredibly sensitive and fragile skin. They need intensive health care as they might get prone to skin infections. For the new parents, it is extremely significant that they look out for any kind of chemicals used in the skin

Being overweight can get in the way when trying to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and being obese (when a person’s body mass index (BMI) is over 30 kg/m2) seriously increases the risk of suffering from diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart-attack. Many mental health disorders are also triggered by being overweight, and sufferers commonly experience feelings of anxiety, depression,

There is no one in today’s world who might not be suffering from stress. It is virtually inescapable. Though it might not present any serious impact on the health, however, if it is prolonged it can cause many repercussions on health. When you are in stress hormones are released which increase the breathing rate and make your muscles ready for respond. But if stress continues to linger on,

With more and more couples working day long to meet their expenses, the demand has been rising for child care centres across the world where children can be kept while the parents are in their office. One of the main concerns of every parent regarding the child care centre is safety and security. Today, people do not want to sacrifice their career and they not even run their family with

Plastic surgery has become widely accepted. If a famous person had a surgery, let’s say, a couple of decades ago, that piece of information would be all over the tabloids. These days though, cosmetic enhancement is no longer making the news. There are plenty of reasons why people undertake measures related to their physical appearance. Regardless of the nature of their decision to make an appointment with a