Gel seat cushion for wheelchairs are widely considered as the best choice for people who use it often. Sitting on a wheelchair for long hours will prove to be extremely uncomfortable and tedious if the right cushion seat is not used. If the seat is lumpy and does not conform to the body of the user properly, it can lead to sores, back ache, and damage to the spine. Gel

If you are a woman with diabetes, who is planning to conceive, there are many factors that you need to look into. Whether it is Type 1 or 2 diabetes, planning and preparation done in advance will increase the chance for you to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Once you make the decision to start trying to conceive, a plan must be made to visit the required set of

The therapists do a great job in preventing from any diseases and promoting better health to the patients. Physiotherapy session is essential for post surgery patients because patients need to undergo bed rest for a longer time after major surgeries, and they are often unable to move their body after certain time. In these cases, physiotherapy session can help them to move their body slowly and a professional physiotherapist can

Whenever we listen to a term “fitness", automatically our mind starts thinking about running, gymming and weight lifting. But over the past few years, the picture behind fitness term has been changing gradually. ‘Losing big’ is an often a mixed bag of emotions i.e. you have to join an expensive fitness gym and spend dollars on your diet to gain that dream body. So, how about a fun, entertaining

Healthy eating is always an uphill task especially with life turning out to be busy and demanding. However, the many benefits associated with healthy eating should always be a motivator for you even when you find yourself living under pressure from day to day programs. With this in mind, you should commit yourself to a healthy eating program as doing so will be the smartest decision for you. For you