Sleep is essential for our physical as well mental well-being. However, most of us tend to take this important phenomenon very lightly. Extra work ours, travelling, late night parties, etc. easily makes us compromise on our sleep hours. As per the surveys nearly one third of office goers in India report that they compromise on sleep in order to balance their work schedule. Mental stress is another major reason for

The Unitron hearing aids are considered to be as the best available in the market. The amplifiers used in these hearing aids are of the highest quality and the yield the best of results. These hearing aids are used by millions of people from all over the world and are highly recommended by the audiologists. With these hearing aids, you can easily remove your hearing problems, and it is suggested

Leaky gut syndrome is a term that is commonly used for a condition called Hyperpermeable Intestines. In layman’s terms that would mean that the intestinal lining is more porous which allows toxins, microbes, undigested food particles can escape from it and get to your bloodstream. Consequently, your immune system detects these invaders and attacks them, which manifests through different symptoms. So, let’s take a look at

Continence problems can range from being mildly inconvenient and embarrassing, to preventing you from living your life as you normally would. There are, however, ways to manage your incontinence and still live comfortably and happily. Keep reading for a list of strategies and products you can use to manage your incontinence, and start to live your life fully. Depending on what kind of incontinence you have, different techniques may be

Skin is the covering part of our body that protects it from harmful environmental factors such as sunlight, moisture, the cold, germs and toxic substances. It also helps control our body temperature by preventing the dehydration and protecting us from negative effects of too hot or cold weather. Due to its “barrier” function, skin is easy to be affected by those harmful factors, thus, leading to many common