Until now it was women who would go to extreme lengths to achieve smooth and hair free skin. However, in these modern times, men seem to be taking more interest in their appearance and it seems they are looking for options to get long-term or even permanent hair removal. In fact, IPL hair removal is becoming a popular procedure and more men are expected to undergo the procedure in the

Many of us know how irritating it is to leave the gym feeling all good about ourselves and the things we are doing for your body, only to have our skin rebel against the effort we’ve invested. It seems like one thing is improving at the expense of another. Are acne breakouts the consequence of exercising itself or are caused by the way we treat and nurture our

When we are young, we all have flawless, radiant and glowing skin. But as we age, things turn for the worse, and most of us end up with dull and boring skin. The culprits? Well, there are a lot—environmental stressors, pollution, dust, dirt, genes, harsh chemicals, sun exposure and many more. We know all of you will agree when we say that we all want our radiant and

A denture clinic specializes in the making, realignment and repairs of the denture. This is often performed by a trained and certified dentist who analyzes your present conditions and then determines what type of fittings would be suitable for you. The first visit to the denturist may not be such a simple one. There might be several questions in your mind! To help you make the most of your appointment,

Getting that little bit extra when it comes to your sports performance can sometimes feel like squeezing blood out of a stone. Pushing through that final barrier can require a bit of additional assistance - and, the more surreptitious the better in gaining the competitive advantage! Here are 7 secrets to upgrading your sports performance. 1. Forging a clear path ahead Have you ever thought about the role your eyesight plays