Ashtanga Yoga-- a classical form of yoga after the much-renowned Hatha Yoga is a gift of sage K.Pattabhi Jois to the modern world. A phenomenal work of Yoga Korunta teachings, Ashtanga yoga is a derivative ‘eight-limbed path’ aimed at releasing the body from past thoughts for unfolding the present moment and to attain complete enlightenment (state of samadhi). It is a yogic form that is a perfect

Ageing   In today’s world, ageing is looked as an inevitable, frightening, useless and painful part of life, a big disease that we must avoid. We associate ageing with wrinkles, weakness, dementia, helplessness, nursing homes and death. We have Hollywood stars pay big bucks for anti-ageing cosmetics and surgery, while the rest of society mimic their actions by trying the latest anti-ageing techniques. Anti-ageing anything sells.   Thankfully,

The hair transplant is one of the most accepted cosmetic surgical procedures to sort out the problem of hair loss/baldness. This procedure defines the regrowth of hair via the process of transferring the hair roots from the donor location to the receiving bald area of the scalp. It is performed by the Surgeon who has expertise in performing the same with utmost aesthetic skills in order to place the

Players are supposed to be active and play with full zeal. That is why, often, the players get injured. Some sports such as soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball, cricket, etc. need extra caution and effort on the players end. Thus, to put their best foot forward, they get hurt at some point in time and unfortunately have to face certain injuries that may turn to be fatal in the future. Though,

Unhealthy eating habits, stressful lifestyle, prolonged sitting jobs, or lack of physical movements, whatever is the reason, Belly fat can be dangerous and discomforting. From not facing difficulty in physical movements like bending or running to not finding the right size of clothes and a lot of health issue, belly fat can wreak havoc on the overall being of a person. The more fat your tummy holds, the higher is