There is no difference in the origin of black tea and green tea. They both come from the same plant. The only difference is that green tea is less processed than its’ black counterpart. This means that the green tea has levels of natural ingredients. Green tea is notable for its many health benefits. In particular, green tea benefits your liver, heart, brain, and bones. This drink not only

Whether you’re new to the marijuana game or have been interested in this topic for quite some time, the term, terpene is one that you should incorporate into your vocabulary. Terpenes are the difference maker in making buds of the same strain, taste and smell different. A good way to think about terpenes is to think of them as almost a spice mixture that you would use to

Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash Our homes are our sanctuaries; we always look forward to coming home and relaxing after a long day. We are able to relax completely because we know that we are safe and well-protected from the dangers of the ‘outside world’. However, sometimes there are different threats and dangers lurking in the comfort of our own homes because we have become reckless and

Losing hair is never a good thing and for someone who is losing hair, there could be few things worse. While losing a few hair every day is normal, but if you are starting to see bald patches, then there is probably reason for worry. For several people, the hair loss is so severe that for them, the only option might be a hair transplant. However, if you are one

Sleep is as vital as food to our body for maintenance. Yet more than 60 millions of Americans have hard time at sleeping at their regular time. USA is dealing with insomnia as an epidemic. However, the fight with your sub conscious is not an easy journey. Science About Sleep Body Clock’ is a layman phrase for the circadian rhythms in our body. Roughly, it is a 24-hours cycle